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Accreditation for Past Courses

Posted: May 8, 2018

The following courses from recent NCPA training were recently approved by the NC PPSB for continuing education credit hours:

Lafayette Computerized Polygraph Software
December 7-8, 2017
Approved for 8 credit hours
Reviewing Major Case Investigations: Specific Issues Question Formulation, Effective probable Lie Questions; Discuss examination, Doug Williams
December 7, 2017
Approved for 4 credit hours
Theme Development for Comparison Questions The Bi-Zone and Utah Zone of Comparison test
March 15, 2018
Course #PPSB-18-432
Approved for 6 credit hours
Test Data Analysis Review What the PLC Examiner needs to know about Running DLC’s
March 16, 2018
Course #PPSB-18-433
Approved for 6 credit hours

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